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Get the skills you need for a rewarding office job. You’ll learn the technology used in today’s business world as well as how to act in a professional environment.


Want to teach and care for young children? This program helps you understand all the stages of early childhood development and how to develop class materials. Part of the class takes place in a child-care setting.

Construction & Building Maintenance

Need the skills for a better job in construction? These hands-on classes will teach you everything from using power tools to reading blueprints.


Do you dream of working in a professional kitchen? This hands-on program will teach you the knife skills you need as well as how to cook soups and sauces for hundreds of guests and create pastries to satisfy.


These entry level medical programs will teach you the skills to work with both nurses and patients. Learn the computer skills needed to keep medical records, as well as the basics of health care.

Technical Trades

Do you love working with power tools? Want a career that makes you use your hands and your mind? Whether you want to install electrical equipment or solve car troubles, we have the technical training and job placement assistance to get you started.

Truck Driving & Logistics

Do you dream of the open road and traveling for a career? Trucking is not just a career - it's a lifestyle! Our Truck Driver program sets you up with the skills needed to start a career and join a special community.   On the logistics side, this sector makes sure consumers have what they want when they want it, and where they want it.  It's all about the supply chain.  Our Retail Operations Specialist programs prepare you for a career where things keep moving forward.