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Automotive Specialist


Career training for a job in the automotive repair industry

In this hands-on program, you’ll get the skills you need for an entry-level job in the rapidly growing field of automotive repair. You’ll learn automotive theory, OSHA safety standards, customer service and auto-related math. After learning how to troubleshoot carburetor systems, emission control systems, and brake systems, you’ll be assigned hands-on projects to do the necessary repairs. Once you graduate, we’ll help you land a job in the automotive repair field.

What You’ll Learn:

•  Shop Safety

•  Applied Math in an Automotive Context

•  Automotive Theory

•  Carburetor Systems

•  Emissions Control Systems

•  Engine Tuning

•  AC Systems

•  Brake Systems

•  Wheel Alignment and Balancing

•  Basic Computers

•  Customer Service

•  Job preparation, including interview and resume skills


•  New Career in 7 - 8 Months

•  Job Placement Assistance

•  Support Services

•  Financial Aid Assistance for those who qualify

•  Training supplies, books and uniforms included in tuition

① Average length of program based on attendance.
② Subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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