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Love Kids? Kick-Start a Childcare Career Today - CET

Love Kids? Kick-Start a Childcare Career Today - CET

Some people seem born to a career in childcare. They care about young people and their future, and they are willing to provide the care, patience, and love that kids need to feel happy and safe. Childcare workers take care of our most precious resource, and do it with grace.

Are you one of those special people? Well, our country needs you more than ever. And you don’t need to despair that the high costs of higher education will keep you from your dream career in childcare.

You can start a wonderful career working with children through an affordable job training program. Even better, you can complete the program in less than a year! There’s no need to wait.

Read on to learn more about the early childhood teacher assistant job training program at CET.

Early Childhood Teacher Assistant Program

In the early childhood teacher assistant program, students start by learning the fundamentals of childcare:

  • stages of child development
  • theories of child learning
  • curriculum development

You will build the base of knowledge you need to effectively teach kids a variety of subjects from a place of understanding.

Learn why a random tantrum from a child probably isn’t so random, and other strategies for dealing with all kinds of distractions in the classroom. The kids aren’t the only ones a teacher has to interact with. Students in the job training program will also learn how to have successful interactions with parents, something that can make a big difference once you start working in the field.

In the Classroom

But of course, you can’t learn everything you need to know about kids and teaching by sitting and reading books. Eventually, you’ll need to take the plunge into real-life experience. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher.

CET knows this! A large portion of your time in the early childhood teacher assistant program will be spent on work experience. First learning basic childcare center procedures, then planning and implementing activities, all in a real childcare center setting.

Emergency preparation is also part of the job—you’re responsible for the children’s safety. So, at CET, students of the childcare job training program will learn about health and safety procedures in a childcare setting. They will be certified in CPR and first aid and learn about modifying rescue practices to better help children.

Opportunities for Graduates

At the end of the program, you’ll be confident that you are ready to face the daunting task of educating children and everything that goes with it.

Safety? Check. Curriculum? Check. Management? Check.

You’ll have all your bases covered and it will show in your work.

The program prepares graduates for a variety of jobs in the childcare industry. With the training and certification you receive, you can become an early childhood teacher assistant, nursery attendant, or even a small business owner as a family childcare business owner.

Completing the program will show employers (or clients) that you have spent time preparing to be the best childcare provider that you can be.

Choose CET to Make Your Career Dreams a Reality

If you’ve been thinking about a childcare career, now is the time to make it a reality. And it doesn’t have to take you four or more years and piles of college debt, either. You can prepare for the career you want affordably and quickly at CET.

Click here to learn more about how CET can help you start your rewarding career in childcare.

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