Center for Employment Training is pleased to be one of six community-based organizations awarded the 2020 Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations (WANTO) grant through the Department of Labor Women’s Bureau.

CET’s goal is to support 75 women in becoming essential trailblazers in non-traditional occupations.

CET seeks to bridge the gap from training to apprenticeship, increase visibility of women in apprenticeships and nontraditional occupations, and support women as they breakdown gender stereotypes, eliminate the wage gap, and excel in spheres which were once believed to be solely the domain of men.

Programs that are eligible for grant funding are Electrician (Residential & General), Green Building Construction Skills, HVAC Technician & Green Technology, Automotive Specialist, Welding Fabrication, Truck Driver (630 hours), Truck Driver I (300 hours).

This grant will serve women at the following CET campuses: Coachella, Colton, El Centro, San Diego, San Jose, Soledad, and Watsonville.

Grant participants must be authorized to work in the US and enrolled in an eligible CET job training program. Contact the CET campus for more information on the WANTO grant.

100% of the total costs of WANTO is financed with Federal money; The dollar amount of Federal funds for this program is $724,998; and 0% and $0.00 are the total costs of the project that will be financed by non-governmental sources.