Essential Cooking Arts - Training Program
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Career training for a job in the cooking arts

This accelerated program offered at our San Jose, CA campus will prepare students to perform the duties and responsibilities required by entry-level positions in the culinary field. Students will gain the essential cooking skills used by professional chefs. Students will learn to prepare a variety of foods using different preparation methods. Students will acquire their ServSafe® certifications.


What you’ll learn in the essential cooking arts program:

  • Sanitation, Safety, Tools & Equipment
  • Knife Skills & Mis en Place
  • Menus, Recipes, and Cost Management
  • Nutrition
  • Basic Principles of Cooking and Food Science
  • Stocks, Sauces and Soups
  • Pantry Essentials
  • Essential Cooking Methods for Meats, Poultry and Fish
  • Breakfast Preparation

Say yes to CET Essential Cooking Arts!

Accelerated Evening Program?* yes!
Hands-on Training? yes!
Support Services? yes!
Job Placement Assistance? yes!
Training supplies, tools, books and uniform included in tuition?** yes!

*Average program length 15 weeks based on attendance. ** Subject to change without notice.


FAQ about the cooking arts job training program:

Where does the Essential Cooking Arts job training program take place?
CET offers this program at the main campus in San Jose San Jose, CA.
How long does it take to finish this specialized culinary course?
The Essential Cooking Arts program is 300 hours and generally takes about 15 weeks to complete.
What is the class schedule?
This is an evening program only. The class meets Monday through Friday from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.
How much does it cost and how can I pay for this cooking class?
Check out tuition costs in the program description. This affordable program can be financed a few different ways, but is not eligible for federal aid (Title IV – Pell Grants and Student Loans).  You’ll want to meet with a financial aid advisor anyway to discuss other options which may be available to you.
What will I learn in the Essential Cooking Arts program?
CET’s course focuses on the essential cooking skills you need. To see the competencies you will master view the student catalog and addenda’s program description.
What kind of additional certifications or licenses will I be prepared to earn?
Students in this program will be prepared to earn their National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification.
What types of jobs will I be qualified for after I graduate from the program and what can I expect to make?
Once you’ve mastered the essentials of cooking, you’re qualified for a variety of jobs.  You can learn more about jobs and pay in your area by checking out the links below*: *Job Outlook and Salary data provided by
When does the next class start and how do I apply?
CET has open enrollment, so once your enrollment is completed, you can start right away.  Applying to CET is easy. Learn more by visiting the Admissions page, or better yet – Sign up for a Tour and talk to an advisor in person.

*Sources are listed to provide additional information on related jobs, specialties, and/or industry. Links to non-CET sites are provided for your convenience and do not constitute an endorsement.