Truck Driving & Logistics

Do you want a job driving a big rig across the country? This program will teach you how to safely operate a semi-truck and trailer. Learn the rules for your industry, mapping and how to correctly fill in a log book.

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Career training for a job in truck driving

Truck Driving & Logistics Programs

Truck Driver

In this hands-on truck driving job training program you’ll train to become a truck driver by driving an actual tractor that’s pulling a 53 foot trailer. CET’s truck driving program is the best in the industry. You don’t just learn how to pass the test, you learn how to be a safe over the road (OTR) driver.
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Supply and Logistics Technician

In this hands-on supply and logistics job training program, you learn the skills needed to for materials, freight and shipping management. This 6-7 month program teaches the concepts of ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning -  and related systems and how they are used in everything from manufacturing to marketing.
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Career training for a job in retail operations

Retail Operations Specialist

In this hands-on job training program for retail operations, you’ll learn cashiering, customer relations and inventory control. You’ll also study shipping and receiving operations, how to use a forklift, and store safety. Upon graduation, we’ll help you find a job in retail operations.
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