Truck Driving & Logistics

Do you dream of the open road and traveling for a career? Trucking is not just a career - it's a lifestyle! Our Truck Driver program sets you up with the skills needed to start a career and join a special community.

On the logistics side, this sector makes sure consumers have what they want, when they want it, and where they want it.  It's all about the supply chain.  Our Supply and Logistics Technician and Retail Operations Specialist programs prepare you for a career where things keep moving forward.

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Career training for a job in truck driving

Truck Driving & Logistics Programs

Truck Driver

In this 600 hour hands-on truck driving job training program, you'll get the in-depth training you need to become an OTR driver. You don’t just learn how to pass the test, you learn how to be safe and prepared for anything the road has to offer. You'll get trained for pre- and post-trip inspections, yard skills and hands-on driving time.
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Accelerated program for a job in truck driving

Truck Driver I

Truck Driver I is an accelerated truck driving program, you’ll get hands-on training for 10 weeks or 300 hours. In this accelerated program, participants will be required to have a valid Commerical Driver Instruction Permit (CDIP) prior to enrollment. You'll be able to advance your behind-the-wheel skills and be prepared for what the road has to offer.
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Career training for a job in retail operations

Retail Operations Specialist

In Retail Operations Specialist, you’ll learn product lines, inventory control and customer relations. You’ll also study shipping and receiving operations, store security and safety. You'll also be prepared for forklift certification.
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